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A Message from Carol


Greetings Distinguished Travelers!

You probably have heard my story about getting the travel bug because of the wonderful first experience on the SS Rotterdam in 1986. For the first time, I was treated as if I were a queen. I was introduced to escargot, caviar, beautiful champagne cocktails, and a place where men came to dinner in a dinner jacket or tuxedo and the women wore dinner gowns with their beautiful jewelry. Off the ship, I saw Europe for the very first time. Everything was a dazzle, every turn a wonder and every sight invoked a new feeling. “Wow!” I thought, "what a special treat for a "little gal" from Lubbock, Texas!"

It has been many years since that etched experience on Holland America. But the feeling still remains. I remember like it was yesterday how wonderful it felt to experience something out of the ordinary daily life. For me, this meant seeing the world through fresh and unbiased eyes, tasting the cuisines, hearing the sounds of the city bustle or the serenity of the countryside at night, and smelling the aromas that I never knew even existed. I am always inspired when I return from a trip.

This excitement is what drives me and I know it is what drives our team. I also know that every traveler is unique which leads me to this: whether it is a packaged vacation from one of our vendors or an itinerary crafted especially for you, our aim to provide you with the most inspiring journey you'll ever take. Travel planning and travel management is what we love to do. It's who we are.

Combined in experience, our team has explored more than 100 countries. So if it’s fluffy beds you prefer, we can recommend a hotel with ironed white bedding you’ll never want to get out of. If it’s a reading spot you seek, we can let you in on our favorite local café where they’ll welcome you by name. And if it’s a museum you wish to have exclusive viewings for, we can arrange it for you. Let our experience be your resource to making your travel dreams come true.





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About the Team

Marie Frick - Worldwide Travel Consultant

Marie is our cruise specialist. Marie is exceptionally knowledgeable in long trips ranging three weeks and more. From ocean cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises and Regent Cruises to river cruise lines, such as Viking and AmaWaterways, let Marie help you find the perfect way to travel by water. 


Beverly Pearson - Worldwide Travel Consultant

Beverly has been on an around the world cruise…three times. She’s booked for another world cruise in 2018. Though cruising is Bev's favorite way to experience the world, she is very well-versed in land packages as well. Whether a hotel right in the heart of town or a quiet and quaint stay in the countryside, she has at least one to recommend in all seven continents.


Kim Hardy - Senior Travel Consultant

Kim specializes in Disney travel products and tropical destinations such as Hawaii. With more than 20 years in the travel industry, she knows all the must-see, must-experience “nooks and cranny.” When she’s not arranging travel plans for her clients, she can be found riding all the rides at Disneyland, cheering at a Dodgers game, or playing with her pup, Dodger. 


Tom Cala - Travel Consultant

Traveling with the family? Tom knows all about family vacation wants and budgets. His meticulous attention to details will leave you with nothing to wonder and nothing to worry about. So whether it’s a family of two or a family reunion of 100’s, Tom is an expert in finding you the perfect getaway to relax, rejuvenate, gather and catch up with family…all while saving everyone in the family some extra cash. 


Henry Kraus - Travel Consultant

Henry's speciality is finding his clients the best cruise or land deals. He has been to almost all the major cities in the world and can speak about the best attractions to see and experience. An express line to get into a popular museum? Let Henry show you the way! Whether it is a short getaway in California or a dream trip to South America, Henry offers customized and personalized travel management service.


Brett Lopez - Travel Consultant 

As a former head chef, Brett has a passion for experiencing new and exotic cultures and cuisines. “Food and people are what makes each destination what it is. To know a place means to talk to the people and taste their food.” Brett’s expertise is in the mainland US and the Caribbean Islands. When Brett is not arranging travel, he can be found in “the kitchen” or helping people in the Caribbean get back on their feet after natural disasters.


Patricia Findley - Lead Group Coordinator 

Where hasn’t Pat been? India, check. Seychelles, check. Kenya, check. Not only has Pat traveled, but she usually travels with a pack of experience seekers. From exotic journeys to popular destination to special once-in-a lifetime events (her lastest project is the Oberammergau Passion Play in 2020), Pat is your person when it comes to escorted group travel. When Pat isn’t on the road or planning to be on the road (or in the air…or on the waters), she known for her extensive collection of Halloween and fall decorations. 


Carol Lopez - Owner

Travel has always been in Carol blood. With all seven continents, over 80 countries, more than 100 airports, and 4000+ days of travel under her belt, she is the definition of a world traveler. Immersing in cultures and learning about customs is what excites her most. “Traveling has enriched my life exponentially in so many ways…ways I never thought were possible. I hope travel finds its way to your heart as it has mine.”