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Travel Protection

You’ve been excited about your trip for months. And now you’re finally at the destination you’ve always dreamed of visiting. But unexpectedly, you lose your balance and slip down a flight of stairs.

We truly hope this never happens to you.

But it did to Carol Lopez, owner of New Horizons Travel in 2014. Carol was in Key West on what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing vacation with 12 of her friends and travelers. On day 4, while on a dinner cruise, she tumbled down a flight of steel stairs. 32 stitches across her head and a broken back, she was flown back to Camarillo when the medical care in Miami deemed she was able. The emergency medical attention, special flights, and added expenses would have costed her a fortune had it not been for travel protection.

You've worked hard to earn your vacation, so why not protect it in case you are not able to travel or you encounter an accident while on vacation? Insurance includes coverage for air travel, missed connections, medical expenses, lost baggage, travel delays and more. 

Though travel protection is not mandatory for booking a vacation, we highly recommend it. Simply click on the links below to obtain answers to your insurance questions or call one of our travel consultants at 805.987.6963.